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Sharing the Love

It's a bee thang!

Ahava Honey Farm is focused on sharing the love of honey bees with our local community through social organizations, educational institutions, social media, in-person lectures, and community events. Ahava Honey Farm is a small homestead located in Levelland Texas. We're all about honeybees and creating an experiential pollinators paradise for everyone to enjoy.

Piece of Honeycomb


Christine and Keith Mitchell have lived most of their married life working and raising their two children in central Texas. By trade, Keith is a full time developer who works remotely and Christine is a retired systems engineer. 


We are Beekeepers and the owners of Ahava Honey Farm and Ranch in Levelland, Texas. The word, Ahava in Hebrew, means God's love in action - so our focus is just that.  We strive to extend God's love to our immediate and surrounding communities by supporting and providing education on pollinators, bee rescue services, local honey and honeybees. In addition to honeybees, our love for animals has resulted in a small menagerie that brings us joy.


We absolutely love hosting guests and were thrilled to be given such a magnificent homestead with a guesthouse that allows us to share our homestead life. We unabashedly give all glory to our God - it is He alone who makes us - US. He provided this place where travelers find peace, hope, restoration and rest. We are honored to host every divine encounter and humbled by the opportunity to love each precious individual that comes to stay at Ahava Honey Farm.  

Christine Mitchell and Fluffhead.jpg

Christine Mitchell

Christine loves people and loves to drive change that serves.  She considers herself a servant leader.  Christine's first exposure to bees was in her teens -- helping a High School friend who kept bees.  At the time beekeeping wasn't a  thought, but as Christine looked at retirement, she wanted to continue to work -- not for the sake of work - but for the sake of a greater good.   Caring for Honeybees has been great, but actively engaging the community and pulling them into a better understanding and knowledge of this misunderstood creature was even better.  Christine and Keith have a 3.5 acre homestead where they keep their bees, friendly farm animals and have a designated AirBnB guesthouse where they welcome guests who want a Honey Farm experience.

Keith is a man of many talents!  He truly does triple duty at the Mitchell Homestead -- not only does he work full time, but he gets up early to exercise and manage all barnyard animals - horses, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, and rabbits  AND tackles homestead projects on a constant basis.  To top it off - Keith plays Ukulele and is a Magician in his own right -- serving as house magician for several family restaurants and performing at a multitude of private venues, weddings and country clubs.  Plans are for Keith to entertain many who come in the future via Ahava Honey Farm events and be and available as an entertainer for hire for local birthday parties as well.

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Keith Mitchell

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